Brandon McCulligh's Portfolio
  • Statements I wish someone told me when I started developing
    • Design, design, design, prototype. The more upfront design you do whether white boarding or even scribbling on paper, the faster you will build your prototype and the project.
    • Have a plan, and write it down. The mind is extremely simple to trick and it can just as easy deceive. It is easy to get discouraged and want to abandon a project when it seems like nothing is working and you have nothing to look back on of everything that had been completed. I quickly learnt to write a “GameNote.txt” file which contains milestones, and as a project progresses I check these milestones off. Now when I am discouraged because everything seems to be falling apart, I look at this file and see everything that I have completed. It’s a psychological trick that works wonders.
    • Start extremely small and work your way up to bigger projects, this will stop you from becoming discouraged. It's easier to have something completed and learn 1 thing, than to try to learn 15 things and in the end abandon the project because it is too difficult.
    • Sometimes the best thing to do is go away and then come back; whether that is physically going for a walk or changing to another task and then returning at a later time. See my article "Move on...rewind".
    • If you want to make games, start with 2D and not 3D, that extra dimension just adds another layer of complexity which will just slow you down. Work your way up to 3D once you are comfortable and able to create 2D games with ease.
  • Online learning resources I have found very helpful
  • Books I have read that were very helpful

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