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My name is Brandon McCulligh, I am a 33 year old Canadian that fell into the rabbit hole of programming when I started college in 2006. That is correct I went into college blind not knowing anything about programming other than that it had to be better than my current factory job, only to absolutely fall in love with it. I am a very personable guy who loves to have discussions from what someone did last night, to in depth design discussions. I do not think experience matters in any discussion and always welcome anyone to speak up. In the communications course I was just required to take (along with the rest of the company) I was ranked as “easily adjusts” to other communication styles; meaning I know how to communicate effectively with most people.

I have always been an avid gamer so naturally I expressed an interest in making games shortly after I started to learn programming. That being said my expertise is really in tool, and framework development. UI design\web follows shortly thereafter.

I am a firm believer in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Object Oriented Programming\Principles (OOP) and reusable, clean code. A lot of what I build has these 3 aspects at the heart of its development.

After graduation I was hired at a small software shop that worked on a VOIP billing engine & management system. I then moved to a major financial institution where I went from being a junior developer to a development lead and performing architectural tasks. When I began there, we were a small team that made things happen, and as a result we were crowned “the experts at what we do” and our department was moved to a centralized development organization where the vision was we were to take over all web & service development for Canada. My current position is back at a smaller shop that designs after market systems for cars.


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